Wireless wandering alert is a wireless (transmitter) and remote (receiver) system that sends a signal over 200' away, that "latches" a pleasant volume controlled alerting sound and an "optional" flashing strobe light to awake or alert the professional caregiver or home care relative without startling the patient, and continues to alert until reset.

The Wandering Alert "family" of monitoring products is perfect for the following:

  • Alzheimer patient monitoring
  • Care homes
  • Aging Parents at Home
  • Foster Parenting Facilities
  • Hospice Centers
  • Child Care Centers
  • Sleep Walking or Children Monitoring
  • Medicine Cabinet Alert
The wandering alert system has several different sensors available to make any monitoring situation "simple", from monitoring a bed restricted person that requires assistance getting up from bed (Model WA1) (animation), or to monitoring doors and windows, (Model WA2)

The Model WA2 or WA1 also has a built-in assistance call function, (Model DA5T), that provides a different audible alerting sound "momentary" for the patient that requires assistance and is not wandering. This feature is excellent for recovering heart patients only requiring assistance such as a drink of water, without having to create stress to mind, body or vocal cords.

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Mr. Chime, Inc., Wandering Alerts direct: wireless wandering alerts for Alzheimer patient monitoring to home awareness alerting chimes. Wireless wandering alert equipment and a full family of accessories to assist your caregiving needs.

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